Tom Harper - Videographer

Legacy Skatestore

Recent edit made for legacy skatestore, printing some of the original Boyz in da hood tees Get one here

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Jake Mitchell

Edit of Darlington skate Jake Mitchell

Featured on Sidewalk Magazine: Click Here


Short edit filmed in South Park, Darlington.

Tom Harper - Showreel


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Tribalism is Killing Us

During my placement, my main contribution to the production team was creating a short documentary called “Tribalism is killing us”

A visual portrayal of US criminal justice system which featured how they discriminate against individuals from different ethnic backgrounds and class.

The documentary also looks into how tribalism has affected society over the centuries using examples from Jim Crow law to modern terrorism and guerrilla organisations.

London Edit

This is an edit I made out of footage from a recent trip to London.

Venice Beach

Whenever I am experimenting I do so with skateboarding, I began filming at my local skate park and this is where my journey in becoming a freelance filmmaker began.

The absolute pinnacle of my skate filming was this visit to Venice Beach in Los Angeles in 2014.

It gave me the perfect backdrop for experimenting and capturing the essence of this particular culture in such a unique and distinct place.

Legacy Skate Store

This is an edit I made for the celebration of the 4th anniversary of Legacy skate store in Darlington.

I have made several edits for Legacy over the years; they have been a great asset to building my confidence and improving my filmmaking.