Tom Harper - Videographer



Scuffed in Production

Pictures from Scuffed Production.



These are some shots taken from a recent trip to London.


35mm Weekend

Recent pictures taken on my 35mm.


The Northbound


Here some kind words written about me by talented graphic designer and photographer Jake Lowes. Check it out.

Behance is a portfolio service produced by Adobe, take a look it's great for creating electronic portfolios.


Bridge & Tunnel

This was my main contribution whilst on my placement at Bridge & Tunnel productions.  “Tribalism is killing us”, a visual portrayal of US criminal justice system which featured how they discriminate against individuals from different ethnic backgrounds and class. The documentary also looks into how tribalism has affected society over the centuries using examples from Jim Crow law to modern terrorism and guerrilla organisations.

Link to Video:

Password: Buffalo

Below are some stills from the shoot:


Scuffed - Day 1

We have began shooting my final film 'Scuffed', a short film about a charismatic football team hoping to make it to the final of the FA Trophy. The film will follow a dysfunctional Sunday league football team with dreams bigger than their club…and talent.

Cast & Crew

Dale Grant - 'Rick'

Directed by Tom Harper & Ben Stanmore

Written by Tom Harper & Ben Stanmore

Cinematography by Ali Hutchinson & Max Bradford 

Sound - Eddie Jones 

Producer -  Robbie Jones


The Northbound


A creative collective with Photography/Graphic Design/Cinematography backgrounds that includes my self and the man behind it all graphic designer Jake Lowes.


Shoot location for film

Scuffed - Location

We officially have a location to film my graduation film "Scuffed". We will be shooting at Swalwell Football Club in Gateshead.

We are also looking for camera assitants and runners (shoot dates to be confirmed), if you're interested, email me:


Tom Harper

Scuffed - Extras call

I am looking for people who would be intersted in being an extra in my graduation film - Scuffed. You don't need to have any acting exprience, although it would be an advantage if you can play football and if you don't mind being in front of a camera. 

If you would like to take part in this production please get in contact with me via email, alternativly contact Robbie Jones (Producer):


Tom Harper

Final Year Project

Currently working on my final project at Northumbria University. I will be co-writing, directing and editing the piece. 

“Scuffed” is a mockumentary styled film about a charismatic but clueless manager Rick (David Brent meets Steve McClaren) who attempts to take his Sunday football league team to FA trophy glory.

I will be updating regularly on my progress and journey of making this film.