Tom Harper - Videographer
Tom Harper


I have been studying Film & TV Production both practically and theoretically for several years at university level. I will graduate this year (2016) and I am currently looking for opportunities to further my career as a videographer.

I have a strong passion for film making, I appreciate the way it can make people see things differently by revelling a whole new image through the use of a different techniques. I believe that film making as a form of expression where they're are no boundaries and creativity is unlimited.

The main area in film I have a passion for is editing. Over the the early stages of my career I have learnt to create certain styles and moods through use of tempo, colour grading, cuts and choice of sound track; however I am open minded and an enthusiastic learner, willing to get into any other aspect of this industry.

Key Skills:

  • Camera work & cinematography
  • Editing, Adobe Premier Pro & After Effects, Final Cut Pro.
  • Leadership skills from working in many different projects.
  • Communication & leadership skills.

My principal influence is Chris Cunningham for his unique style and innovation skills; he is the pioneer of individualistic music videos and is always producing something completely unique and original. I try to emulate this by striving to be a pathfinder, not an imitator.